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The Gone Running/Joint Dynamics Racing Team - 2019-2020

Luis Alvelais


From: Mexico

Family: Active mother who loves running so forced me into running from young age so she could keep an eye on me. Middle child of three. Whole family living back in Mexico apart from my older brother who lives in Copenhagen. 

Profession: Architect Designer

Focus: Trail Running

Top 3-5 racing achievements:

  • VIbram Hong Kong 100 (2018) 12’ 39”
  • Green Race Ultra 2018 (2nd Overall)
  • Yading Kora Ultra 2018 (8th Overall)
  • Devil’s Ridge 2018 (4th Overall)
  • Gurkha Trailblazer 2019 (2nd Overall)

Awards: Nominated Most Improved Runner in 2018 GR Awards

Goals for 2020:

  • OTW, Lavaredo & UTMB

Motto: When you reach your maximum limit, keep running.

Unusual You: Own two degrees, speak 3 different languages, love cooking, yoga fanatic and I love Piña Coladas & getting caught in the rain.

Tip for beginners: Record your progress and go back to it from time to time. Running is a generous sport that will show improvement in no time. Concentrate on the time on your feet more than the distance.

Andrew Blake


From: Grew up in South Africa, before living in London for 9 years. Moved to Hong Kong at the end of 2018.

Family: Family of 4 children, all very sporty growing up. Focused on hockey and squash during school and university, before moving to endurance sports in my mid 20s.

Profession: Business Analyst for an investment company

Focus: Road running primarily

Top 3-5 racing achievements: 

  • Abbott World Marathon Majors 6* finisher - London, Chicago, Berlin, Tokyo, New York and Boston. All sub 3 aside from Boston 
  • Tokyo Marathon - current PB (2:45) - 9 sub 3-hour marathons
  • Two Oceans Ultra Marathon - 56km (3:58) - Silver medal for sub 4 hours
  • Ironman Budapest 70.3 - 4:33 (PB). Completed 11 70.3 races to date, including 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas.
  • Comrades Marathon - 89km (7:44)

Goals for 2020:

  • Sydney Half Marathon 2019 (sub 1:19) – “A” Race
  • New York Marathon 2019 (sub 2:50)
  • Osaka Marathon 2019 (sub 2:45)
  • TBC Marathon 2020 (sub 2:40)
  • Ironman 70.3 Lake Taupo 2020 (sub 4:33)

Motto: Run. Travel. Live.

Unusual You: I love to travel and have been to over 50 countries so far. 

Beginners Tip: Enter a race, as then you have something to work towards and keep you motivated and focused on your goal. 

Jeff Campbell


From: Toronto, Canada

Profession: Lawyer

Focus: A bit of everything helps keep me sharp and motivated. For trail running, I love the short stuff. The 50k distance has turned into a bit of a sweet spot for me, but I will begrudgingly step up to the 100k distance if subjected to enough peer pressure. On the roads, everything from 5k to the marathon. 

Top 3-5 racing achievements:

  • 1st overall at 2018 Oxfam Trailwalker. Such an iconic race, with an incredible support team and 4 teammates willing to bleed for each other. 
  • 1st overall at 2017 The North Face HK 50k. Big pressure race against stiff competition. Was not expecting to win.
  • 11th overall at Transgrancanaria Advanced. My first big European race. Not even a top 10 finish, but a crazy experience to race against such a stacked field (the race doubled as the Spanish Trail Running National Championship). To give an idea of the insane pace, the winner finished the 64k course in 5:07, the top 15 all finished with +800 ITRA scores, and the first woman was 43rd overall. 


  • Male Runner of the Year - 2016-17 HK Trail Running Awards

Goals for 2020:

  • Asia Trail Master Series. 

Motto: Train hard. There are no miracles on race day.

Unusual You: The headband only comes out for races!

Beginners Tip: Run more. This is a sport that rewards consistent high-volume training over long periods.                    

Janine Canham


From: I am half English, half Lebanese

Family: I have a partner, Mo Devlin, who I met through running, and twin boys called Josh and Sam. We also have 2 dogs, Jinx and Lola.

Profession: Chief Operating Officer, Asia, of an investment research stockbroking firm

Focus: My passion is for multi stage ultra running on different types of terrain (trail, forest, mountain, desert, jungle) but I am focusing on road running this coming season to see what I can achieve.

Top 3-5 racing achievements:

  • Being a member of Racing the Planet’s 4 Deserts Club (Gobi, Sahara, Atacama and Antarctica)
  • Finishing 2nd female overall in the Bhutan International Marathon
  • Coming 3rd in the 9 Dragons Ultra 
  • Breaking the 25 year Masters course record at the Green Power 50k
  • Completing the 250k Costa Rica Coastal Challenge with a spinal fracture, shortly after being in a car crash.

Running awards 

  • ANTS Runner of the Year 
  • Gone Running Masters Trail Runner of the Year 

Goals for 2020?

  • I would like to complete the 6 marathon majors.
  • I am aiming for a new marathon PB.
  • I will be competing in the HK and Asian Masters Athletics Track Championships and trying to win a medal.
  • I would love to run a multi-stage road marathon challenge in 2020.

Motto: “One Life. Live It.”

Unusual You: I was brought up in Beirut and I speak Arabic.

Beginners Tip: Sign up for something that scares you a little bit. You’ll surprise yourself by what you can achieve if you try.

Lucy Cant


From: New Zealand

Family: A small immediate family, quite spread out, Mum and Dad still in New Zealand and my brother Geoff in San Francisco. When I was little, dad used to go for his run then come and then take me for a jog round the block - that’s how I started running. 

My husband David and I moved to Hong Kong in 2012, we acquired Sputnik, a Border Collie rescue-pup who is still learning how to run over an hour.

Profession: David and I run a design studio together, Studio Cassells Ltd. We have a small design team and specialize in Museums, Retail and Visitor Experience design.

Focus: Trail and Ultras (since Hong Kong has all these beautiful hills to train in!) 

Top 3-5 racing achievements

  • HK100 (2019) top 10 finish, first 100km race
  • Translantau 50km (2017) 2nd in 5.45, first 50km race

Goals 2020

  • Possibly UTMB August 2020, by running Oman 2019.
  • Or, Trailwalker, 9 Dragons or HK100

Motto: I love hills!

Unusual You: In the summer of 2009/10 a friend and I hiked the length of NZ on the Te Araroa trail. Through trails, down beaches, across rivers, over mountains, unsupported, for 3300km, 98 days.

Beginners Tip: Tell yourself you love hills until you believe it. Make every single thing you say to yourself while running positive. Drink to thirst! Small sips!

Samantha Chan


From: Hong Kong

Family: I am single 

Profession: Recruitment

Focus: Trail running 

Top 3-5 racing achievements:

  • 2017 TDS 13th
  • 2017 Ultra Gobi 3rd
  • 2018 Moon Trekker 1st mixed team
  • 2019 HK100
  • 2014 Trailwalker 14:36

Goals for 2020:

  • Still not decided about 2020, may try more road running
  • 2019 UTMB
  • 2019 Totem Run
  • 2019 Trailwalker

Motto: Run to have fun

Unusual You: I eat a lot of junk food

Beginners Tips: Run longer, eat more and stay happy

Matt Clarke


Nationality: UK 

Profession: Business &  Humanities Teacher

Focus: Road Running 

Top 3-5 racing achievements 

  • Stan Chart HK Marathon 2017. First Marathon  2’32’54
  • London Marathon 2019. Not quite a PB (2’33’32) but pleased with the result considering I had pulled my hamstring in the lead up to the race which hampered my training
  • Winning China Coast Half Marathon (2016 & 17). Tough, tough road course. Second year ran 75 flat in the middle of marathon training which was 2nd fastest time of all time on the course

Goals  for 2020:

  • A new PB in the  marathon
  • Top 10 marathon & half marathon times in HKAAA rankings
  • A race likely to be  Tokyo Marathon

Motto: Champions are made when no-one is watching

Unusual You:I only learnt to click my fingers 3 years ago (yes I am a slow developer, I put it down to being left aka ‘cack’ handed

Beginners Tip: Consistently is the key to progress, also listen to your body and don’t be afraid to adjust your training

Richard Cowley


Nationality:  Gloucester, UK  

Family:  I come from a family of teachers. Parents from Wales but met in London at University and then moved to Gloucester. 2 younger sisters, both teachers in Malaysia. . 

Profession: GreenRace Events Director organizing races across Hong Kong and Asia.

Focus:  Trail and road running. Previously mostly road running and trained specifically for it, these days, both, and try to have as much fun as possible along the way. 

Top 3-5 racing achievements 

  • Winning the Lantau 70 relay, Peak 24 and Great Relay. The relay format makes things exciting, varied and social. Great to run with the GR/JD team. 
  • Have won quite a few short distance races with a mixture of trail, road, adventure, kayak and run/swim. Enjoy pushing to the limit over varied terrain. 
  • The Sky Running World Championships in Yading, Sichuan, China. Great course, amazing scenery, and snow-capped mountains at 4,000mtrs. 
  • PB of 35 minutes for 10km 
  • The 4 peaks race, a totally unique racing experience right here in Hong Kong 

Goals  for 2020:

  • Two longer races as prep for Moontrekker40 (team of 4). 
  • OTW in a GR/JD team. 
  • As many shorter road and trail races as possible.

Motto: Experience as much as you can, when you can because you never know when you might not be able to. 

Unusual You: I did a 100km race in Iran  

Beginners Tip: Try to vary your training and run with a group, it makes it more fun and social and your more likely to attend and keep up the training. 

Charlotte Cutler


From: UK 

Family: I am married to Martin and have 2 sons: Lucas (8) and Olly (6). 

Profession: Policy analyst (China)

Focus: You forgot track! I am a track runner at heart but these days am generally a trailer/roadie

Top 3-5 racing achievements:

  • Winning the Standard Chartered 10K in 2007, 3 days after arriving in Hong Kong
  • Representing Hong Kong for 1500m
  • Captaining Cambridge University Athletics, including setting a match record for 400mHurdles and leading them (with Oxford) to their last win over Harvard & Yale (23 years ago!)
  • A successful transition to trails in the 2018/19 season! For a track/road runner, this is a big deal…
  • Winning the Fifth Avenue Mile in New York, 2001

Goals 2020:

  • I would like to have a proper go at OTW. The longest I have raced is 65km, so this will be a big step up.
  • I would also like to target a couple of 50K trail races, 
  • MSIG ActionAsia HK, North Face 50K (if I can get in!). 
  • I am also determined to get the course record for the GreenPower 25K (I was 1 minute off it in my debut in 2018)

Motto: Keep On Going! (my old track coach, Frank Horwill, used to yell this out as we ran around and around the track over and over again on a Saturday morning, usually in the rain, never knowing when he would blow the whistle to finish)

Unusual You: I can wiggle my ears

Beginners Tip: Run to enjoy it, don’t worry about times or performances.

Mo Devlin


From: Scotland

Family: I come from a family of 5 boys and no girls. I now have a partner (Janine) two boys Sam and Josh and two dogs Jinx and Lola

Profession: PE Teacher

Focus: Previously road but trail now.

Top 3-5 racing achievements: 

  • Marathon PB 2:30
  • In 2015, during 12 weeks of radiotherapy for cancer I completed 12 races (road and trail) and won my Category in every race.
  • Competed in and won many races from 5k to 50km in the past 5 years. I judge myself against the best runners, irrespective of age.

Running awards 

  • AVOHK Male Athlete of the Year 2016
  • Gone Running Master Trail Runner of the Year 2016, 2018

Race goals for 2020?

  • Gradually moving up in distance to 50km:
  • Ultramarathon De Sai Kung October 2019
  • Lantau 70 (GR-JD Team) Oct 2019
  • Garmin 42 Nov 2019
  • Mtn Range 50 Nov 2019
  • KOTH Series Dec 2019-Mar 2020
  • China Coast Half Marathon Jan 19/2020
  • S Africa Ironman 70.3 Jan 2020
  • 9 Dragons 50km Feb 2020
  • Salomon TTT Mar 2020
  • COO April 2020

Motto: Inner Strength. It’s tattooed on my back!!

Unusual You: I spent 10 years in the USA playing and coaching soccer for a living!

Beginners Tip: Learn to run tall with a relaxed, efficient technique and smile when you run!!

John Ellis


From: Perth, Australia

Family: Happy family of soon-to-be six, with an incredible partner Elaine, vivacious two-year old Max, another one on the way, and Enzo and Mila, our trusty Frenchies.

Profession: Fund manager and running entrepreneur

Focus: Ultra trails

Top 3-5 racing achievements:

  • 6th at HK100 in 10:35 in 2018
  • Winner 9 Dragons 50/50 in 2018
  • Trailwalker Champions 2018
  • Winner of the Queensland 24 hour Championships in Caboolture 2016

Running awards: Back-to-back Asian Skyrunning Ultra Champion 2017-18

Goals for 2020:

  • Top 10 at Hong Kong 100
  • Asia Trailmaster Champion (2019)

Motto: Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

Unusual You: I often have breathing issues at the start of uphill races and have to run slow for the first hour – helps my pacing!

Beginners Tip: Don’t overthink it. Just get out and run and have fun.

Mary Hui


From: Hong Kong

Family: My brother Edwin, who is not a trail runner, runs down hills better than I can. My parents, Lolita and Martin, don’t understand why I like to run long distances in the mountains.

Profession: Journalist

Focus: Trail running

Top 3-5 racing achievements: 

  • Fast50 2019, women’s champion. Loved the course.
  • HK50 HK Island, women’s champion. My first solo 50km race on familiar trails. 
  • North Face 50, women’s 3rd place. Had a blast running with the runner-up for much of the race. 

Goals for 2020:

  • If there’s a chance of doing the Trailwalker, that would be the A race. 
  • Otherwise, focus on 30-50km races. 
  • Fast50km will be up there. 
  • Maybe the KOTH series, too. 

Unusual You: I don’t use Strava and stick with a pen-and-paper log like a dinosaur 

Beginners Tip: Consistency, consistency, consistency!

Kodie Hultgren


From: Melbourne, Australia

Family: My family is everything to me. I’m the baby of three girls and my two amazing big sisters have always been my role models who I look up to. I became an Aunty for the first time this year and now go by the name Aunty Koko. I’ll sadly be leaving Hong Kong at the end of the year and will be relocating to Singapore with my partner Dom. I’m trading hills for flat roads, I’m not sure which is better haha. 

Profession: Events and Administration at Specsavers. 

Focus: Coming from a track and crossfit background, trail running is very new to me. I’d love to do a mixture of trail and road running this season to mix it up a bit. 

Top 3-5 racing achievements 

  • Completing my first 100km Ultra Marathon in Kazakhstan (Action Asia Event) and coming 2nd overall and 1st female overall. 
  • I still remember my first ever trail race in Hong Kong which was the CWS Lamma8 in 2017. I had no idea what to expect and I ended up coming 1st female overall and coming 2nd overall to JD/GR teammate Rich Cowley. 
  • Competing with three of my other amazing teammates for a bit of fun and coming 1st overall female team in the Lucky Clover Relay Race. 
  • Coming 3rd place in my age category at the 2019 China Coast Half Marathon. 

Goals for 2020:

  • I haven’t planned out my race goals yet, as I’m trying to get my body injury free and haven’t been running. 
  • I’ll be sticking to shorter distances races, although OTW has been on my bucket list since moving to Hong Kong. 

Motto: If you never try, you’ll never know. Live the life you love.

Unusual You: I’m hands down a chocoholic. I went cold turkey in February and haven’t touched a piece since. 

Top tip for beginners: Having a goal to work towards so it helps you stay focused, most of all, have fun!  

Caitriona Jennings


From: Ireland

Family: I have 2 sisters, both older. My parents are keen sportspeople and my eldest sister Sinead is a former World Champion (LW1X Rowing) and an Olympian (6th place finish in Rio 2016 in LW2X)

Profession: Accountant/Tax Advisor

Focus: Road Running, specializing in Marathon

Top 3-5 racing achievements: 

  • 3rd in Comrades Marathon 2019
  • Olympian, London 2012
  • 4th in the 2015 50k World Championship. 
  • 5th and 6th Places in the Dublin City Marathon in 2017 and 2108 respectively 
  • 2011 Winner of the Women's Mini-Marathon (the largest female race in Ireland).
  • Irish record holder for 50k (3:24:29)

Running awards 

  • Donagal sportsperson of the month April 2012 (upon achieving Olympic qualification)

Race goals for 2020?

  • Run a sub 2:35 marathon and sub 1:15 half marathon

Motto: "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul" Ernest Hemingway

Unusual You: I have done the highest bungee jump in the world

Beginners Tip: Running is fun - don't try to do too much at the start, focus on enjoying it. 

Henri Lehkonen


From: Sydney, Australia

Family: Not in Hong Kong!

Profession: Business Development @ EY

Focus: Mountain Ultra Trail

Top 3-5 racing achievements:

Any of my ultra-wins: 

  • Green Power 2016 
  • Hard As Nayls 2016
  • XTE Dark 45 2016
  • XTE Dark 45 2017
  • Run Through the Jungle (Taiwan) 2017 
  • Luxi Ultra (Jiangxi, China) 2018

Any of my 700+ ITRA races: 

  • Hong Kong 100km 2017
  • Translantau 100km 2017
  • Ultra-Trail Australia 100km 2017
  • Eiger 101km 2017 
  • Sud-Tirol 70km 2017
  • Ultra-Trail Australia 100km 2019

Race goals for 2020:

  • Western States, Endurance Run, California, 2019
  • Bear 100, Utah, 2019
  • Ultra-Trail Cape Town, South Africa, 2019
  • Hong Kong 100, 2020
  • Transgrancanaria, Spain, 2020
  • Ultra-Trail Australia, Australia, 2020

Motto: Stay hydrated 

Unusual You: I like running 150+ km per week

Top tip for beginners?

  • More miles
  • Do speed work
  • Race often

Kim Matthews


From: Melbourne, Australia

Family: I live in Hong Kong with my husband

Profession: Speech therapist

Focus: Trail running, ultra marathons

Top 3-5 racing achievements: 

Asia Trail Master champion 2017

Marysville Marathon 50km, Australia – 1st female

  • Dalat Ultra Trail 70km, Vietnam – 1st female
  • Vietnam Mountain Marathon 100km, Vietnam – 1st female
  • Clark-Miyamit Falls Ultra 50 mile, Philippines – 1st female

Running awards: Asia Trail Master Champion 2017

Unusual You: Vegan. If there’s no chilli on it, it’s not worth eating. Travelled to over 70 countries.

Beginners Tip: Slow down.                       

Amy Mumford


From: West Sussex, UK

Family: Oldest of 3 children, 2 brothers, now mother of 5 children

Profession: Full time mother of 5 children, marathoner and part time teacher.

Focus: Road Running, all distances particularly Marathon

Top 3-5 racing achievements: 

  • Breaking the Chine Coast Marathon Record in 2019 by 5 minutes
  • 3 marathons under 3 hours
  • 36 minutes for 10k on the peak
  • 1st Halong Bay Heritage Marathon
  • 2nd Phuket Marathon 2019

Running awards 

  • AVOHK Female Athlete of the Year
  • SCMP feature on my racing and beating cancer

Race goals for 2020?

  • Qualify for the World Veteran Marathon Championships
  • Represent HK at the Asia Championships

Motto: Believe in yourself and your dreams will come true

Unusual You: I have beaten 3rd degree breast cancer and train at 3am in the morning

Beginners Tip: People who criticize and say you can't do it make your stronger 

Charlotte Taquet


From: France – grew up in the Northern Alps then moved to the Parisian suburbs

Family: One sister, 18 months older than me, and 2 beautiful nephews, living near my parents in the suburbs of Paris

Profession: Legal Counsel / Brand Protection Manager

Focus: Trail running by choice (road running by obligation, but I’ve learned in HK to never say “never”)

Top 3-5 racing achievements 

  • 9 Dragons 50kms 2019 (1st woman, 9th overall)
  • HK 100 Vibram 2018 (14h02)
  • MONGOLIA 3DAYS 100KMS (1st woman, 3rd overall)

Running awards: Nominated Most Improved Female Runner in 2018 HK Trailrunning Awards

Race goals for 2020:

  • 2019: CCC, OTW
  • 2020: Not determined yet, maybe Asia Trail Master Series

Motto: Never give up (it’s a mental game) and have fun!

Unusual You: 

  • Blackbelt in Judo
  • Plant-based diet, addicted to Brussell sprouts and nuts

Top tips for beginners:

  • Set up goal & stay consistent
  • Increase slowly your base miles
  • Listen to your body
  • Have fun & challenge yourself 

Dennis Theadosis


From: Melbourne, Australia

Family: Super tolerant wife, Anna, and two awesome kids, Isaac & Eva. 

Profession: Head of Project Management Office for Insurance Company

Focus: Trail running, mostly ultra-distance.

Top 3-5 racing achievements:

  • Finishing Diagonale des Fous 100 miler in 2017 with a number of injuries sustained from a race fall 3 weeks prior, including minor surgery to remove a rock from under my stitches on the day I flew out to Reunion Island for the race. 
  • Twice finished HK Grand slam (HK100, TNF100, OTW and TransLantau100) in under 60 hours
  • Two-time OTW top-10 team
  • 2:44 Tokyo marathon with no road training

Race goals for 2020:

  • Top-5 team at OTW
  • Get a spot in HK4TUC and finish <60 hours
  • HK100 PB (if I don’t run HK4TUC)

Motto: There’s always a solution!

Unusual You: I still use Band-Aids on my nipples…

Top tip for beginners: Prioritize adequate sleep. Makes everything easier.  

Ryan Whelan


From: Wirral, UK

Family: Youngest of a big family, all living in UK apart from a brother in Singapore and me in HK

Profession: Personal trainer 

Focus: Trail running with a hint of road 

Top 3-5 racing achievements:

  • Moontrekker 2 30km wins, 1 40km win
  • The Fast 50km 
  • KOTH ½ series win
  • Representing GR-JD relay teams
  • North Face 50KM PODIUM

Goals for 2020:

  • Improve in 50km races, target a podium in an overseas race

Motto: Hard work pays off 

Unusual You: My cats are called Owen & Wilson, and are my best mates.

Jono Woodhouse


Nationality: Australia

Family: Married to Char (also a trail runner) and dad of 3 teenagers.

Profession: Software Engineer / Team Leader

Focus: Trail running (& road cycling & mountain biking)

Top 3-5 racing achievements

  • 3rd MoonTrekker 40km 2018
  • Sub-10 hour Lantau 70 (LT70) 2018
  • 6th 9 Dragons 50km 2018
  • Teams:  1st Pair MoonTrekker 40km 2017, 1st Relay Lantau 70 2017
  • 2nd Shane’s Farewell Last Man Standing 2017

Goals for 2020:

  • LT140
  • Lantau 70
  • Lantau 50
  • 9 Dragons?
  • Char thinks I should do some shorter faster races too! 😊

Motto: Work hard, play harder, and hope it's hot! 

Unusual You: I proposed to Char in the Himalayas at 3500m (And she said yes!)

Beginners Tip: Make sure you are having fun

Emily Woodland


From: Born in Shaftesbury, UK, Grew up in Lancashire

Family: There’s nothing brief about my family’s story!!, They are all in the UK though

Profession: Sustainable Investment

Focus: Trail. I avoid road as much as I can 😊

Top 3-5 racing achievements 

  • UTMB 2017
  • Winning the Atacama Crossing in 2014
  • Finishing UTA 2019 after being sick for a really long time
  • HK100 2018
  • Queen of the Hills 2017-18

Running awards: nominated once for most improved female 2018

Goals for 2020:

Just to get back to somewhere in the realms of where my fitness was before I got sick 

What’s your motto: Carpe diem!

Unusual You: I was actually a semi-pro dancer growing up until I went to uni, stopped dancing, got really fat and had to do something so started running

Beginners Tip: There is no real substitute for doing the time on your feet