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Come and join our regular Saturday Run and meet the club!

Between the end of April and the end of September we start at 8.30am at the Wanchai Gap Park just off Stubbs Road. For other times of the year we start at 9am.

Its free to join the run but of course we would love it if you would join the club too.  10.5km, usually takes between 60 to 75 mins ... beginners welcome. 

Join the Facebook Group and get the regular message about this week's run. 



About Us

How We Began


Ever since 2016, Gone Running has wanted to contribute to the running community and we quickly created our, now very successful, 20 person racing team with Joint Dynamics to encourage excellence. 

It was a logical extension to then create the Gone Runners Running Club to support an even larger community from beginners to advanced runners. We pride ourselves in being inclusive and bringing something for everybody

Get the Support You Need


Our members enjoy a range of benefits, courtesy of our partners.

  • Gear Deals from Gone Running
  • Physio support from Joint Dynamics
  • Race Deals from :-
    • The Green Race
    • RaceBase
    • King of The Hills
    • The TrailHub
  • Fun and games with FinePrint and Bravera

Subscribe Here


We have Monthly and Annual Membership available which gives access to the benefits mentioned, a whole series of weekly runs and a fabulous community to support you. 

We have training programs you can download and follow and plenty of individual guidance. 

Together with our Partners Fineprint and Bravera we can even convert your hard miles to beer (or coffee)

Special Summer 2019 Arrangements for Tuesday Track Sessions


The Session Choice for November 2019 - One of the following:-

We realize some people may have access to a track near where they live so we are also including the session for "Non HV Runners"  

(1-2K warm-up and warm-down for each session):

  • Fartlek: 8 x 450m hard/450 m easy (adds up to 5 laps of HV; runners finish with a hard effort)
  • [Non HV runners: 8 x 500m hard/500m easy]
  • 5 x HV laps @5K pace - 90 sec rest
  • [Non HV runners: 5 x 1.5K @5K pace - 90 sec rest]
  • 4 x (3 x 450m) @3K pace - 1 min between reps, 3 mins between sets 
  • [Non-HV runners: 4 x (3 x 500m) - 1 min between reps, 3 mins between sets)
  • 6 x 1K @5K pace, jog across football pitch recovery
  • [Non-HV runners: 6 x 1K, 90 sec jog recovery]
  • A 5k Time Trial 

We would like to keep open the option for participants to please keep donating to RUN HK, your contributions are very much appreciated. The link is :

Club and Race Partner Events

We organize a series of weekly runs aimed at all levels from beginners to advanced runners and have great deals with our race partners on many races through the year.  We also scatter a few nice social happenings into the mix . Come along and get involved !

No upcoming events.

Our Partners


Contact Us

If you want you learn more about our club and what we organizing and arranging then please drop us a line.  

The Gone Runners Running Club

16f Simsons Commercial Building, 137-139 Johnston Rd, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

+852 9191 3831

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