The Gone Runners Running Club

The Official Site of The Gone Runners Running Club

Members Benefits



Monthly Membership. $88 hkd per month. (First 3 months at 50%, minimum commitment 3 months)

Annual Membership. $888 kkd per year. Annual members can take part in the running of the club

Deals on Race Entry and Club Runs


We have teamed up with a number of race organizers to bring you race entry discounts through 2019/2020. 

As a club member you can get the discount codes directly from the club at Whatsapp +85291913831

We also organize a range of runs through the week, suitable for beginners to advanced runners 

Gear Deals and Advice

Gone Running, The store by runners , for runners

At Gone Running you get great advice on all your gear, 15% discount on shoes and 10% discount on almost everything else.

Our folks are really keen to help you decide on what is the right kit for you

Strength and Physio Support

Joint Dynamics

Our partners, Joint Dynamics provide generous discounts on almost all of the services they offer to Gone Runners. 

Approximately 15% of the range of services which you can read about below.

Training Programs


Chris Wardlaw has helped design our training programs. Chris is an Australian Olympian, 2:12 marathoner, sub 29 min 10ker and coach to the Australian Marathon team

As a member you can download a range of his training programs for beginners, intermediates of advanced runners from 5k to Marathon distances.

Train hard, play hard !


Together with our partners Bravera and Fineprint you can convert evey 20km you run to a beer (or coffee). 

Check it out. "Kms for Beer", Scottie's brews (Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Beers) are waiting for you ! :-)